Truck Brokerage

With deep roots in the trucking industry, we can service your business with a truck from our own fleet of over 1,200 trucks nationwide or from the fleet of one of our peers. Particularly when capacity is tight, we have the truck power to ensure your freight is where it needs to be. Simply, we’re the truck brokerage experts.

And, you’ll have a full range of visibility from the out gate to when the truck bumps your dock – and the whole process in reverse! Being asset-based puts us in the unique position of exercising control over our equipment to your benefit. Bottom line, the moment a booking is created, your shipment has reserved U.S. truck power, guaranteed. Also, a majority of our company-owned trucks are less than a year old. So, your shipments can get to their destinations safely and on time because our newer trucks need less repairs and maintenance than those of our competitors.

When it comes to truck brokerage, we’ve got the equipment and relationships to get your cargo where it needs to be, on time.