Our unique “wheels up” perspective began in 1941 when Howard and Mary George got their start in the transportation and logistics business. In 1960, their son, Steven George, founded a transportation and logistics company in Tennessee. In 1982, his son, Mark H. George started what would later become IMC Companies, a national network of trucking transport and support businesses.

Howard George and Steven George

Howard and Steven George

A leader in the trucking industry, IMC Companies has an insider’s view of opportunities for improvements and efficiencies in the transportation process, the value of which only a seasoned, industry veteran could understand. IMC Companies realized a need to provide more complete supply chain solutions to their cargo owner customers.

Three generations and sixty-five years in the making, IGS was born. Mason Howard George heads up this venture, leveraging our unique experience in the trucking industry and our incomparable understanding of the supply chain process from the wheels up. Since our company’s inception, we have utilized our first-hand knowledge of the industry and our very own assets to exercise efficiency and precision for our clients’ shipments. IGS is the rare, asset-based logistics firm. We are confident that you will reap the benefits of our decades of experience.


Steven George (right)



Mark George

Mark H. George